NE: Japanese Eyelash Extensions in Perth

When I used to have my hair curled permanently, I really enjoyed waking up and being ready to go out without having to do anything to my hair! These days, I have SO many things to do before leaving to go to work or go out on the weekend.

I learnt very quickly that eyelash extensions will become yet another ‘beauty wish’ just like my beautiful curly hair! Oh, if only we lived in a world that we could wake up beautiful ;)

I always complain to Blake that when it’s bed time, he jumps straight into the bed after brushing & flossing his teeth. Here I am, removing makeup, washing my face, moisturising, getting a glass of water, taking my medication, THEN I can get into bed.

When he wakes up, he brushes, combs his hair and pops on clothes to head to work.

I have to wash face again, moisturise, wet and comb my hair into something decent, sometimes blow & style it, apply sunscreen, BB cream, blush, shade in eyebrows, draw eyeliner carefully, powder my face, mascara and then perfume and go!

It is sometimes a pain in the ass to be a girl – but you know what – I love it. I love being a girl! I love doing my makeup and my hair and even though shaving can get really frustrating, it’s nice to have smooth legs and underarms!

I was so happy to finally (and I mean really finally!) try my first Japanese eyelash extensions!

Warning: There are a serious amount of stupid selfie pics in this post – more than I usually would have for a blog post haha. You have been warned :) All pictures were taken with iPhone 6 front and back camera.

I say finally because I have always wanted to try them back when I was a lot younger, and I never trusted the dodgy looking stores in Far East Plaza in Singapore. I was looking for a brand that I could trust, a beautician that I could communicate with comfortably and a store that was clean, neat and beautiful. Maybe all the FEP stores were just too horribly bright pink and messy that turned me off.

But at Poteau Select, I was blown away by Aki’s (the founder/owner) style, her grace and her talented skills!

Poteau Select
1/98 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle
0410 567 210

The reason why I wanted Japanese eyelash extensions is that I did so much research on normal eyelash extensions offered by your neighbourhood beauty franchise, boutiques, and even home studios. I was not satisfied with what I found simply because it was either way too expensive (AUD$150+) or sometmies too cheap (<AUD$50). I also wanted examples of natural work that have been done – which is actually quite hard to find! A lot of these franchises & boutiques advertise their ‘Dolly’ or ‘Glamourous’ lashes that just look too much for my Asian eyes.

Most Asian girls have lashes that are straight and angled downwards to the floor – some Caucasian girls have thicker, more luscious lashes that curl upwards naturally, and to be honest – that’s the kind of look I want. Natural, slightly thicker, curled-upwards lashes. Existing franchises/boutiques are targeting those girls which would explain why they advertise dolly/glam lashes as they already have the natural look.

I was looking for something natural and not heavy at all. I wanted the kind of look and feel as if they were my own. How come no one has targeted their advertising to me yet? I feel like many Asian girls might not want the dolly/glam look either when it comes to eyelash extensions – I mean that looks great for a night out, but for everyday work and leisure, I would much prefer a natural style.

You know how sometimes Asian girls prefer to use Asian shampoo/mascara/face products etc because these are better tailored to our hair/eyes/skin type? I am pretty biased towards ‘Japanese Eyelash Extensions’ from the beginning too. I did know that the Japanese technique is different to your ‘normal’ technique, but I did not know what the difference was. I was really chasing for something that looked natural but opens up my eyes – something that I felt existing franchises/boutiques couldn’t offer because they targeted a different group of girls.

So I arrived at Poteau Select one Friday after work and Aki was so lovely – she showed me around her little shop which I would describe as a rustic-modern with many hints of Japanese culture. She runs her own nail and eyelash studio with woodwork, pottery & silver products made in Japan! So you can do a little shopping before you get pampered :)

I was given some information about the eyelash extension process, how to take care of your lashes and I signed a document to agree that I understand the process. Aki lead me to a small room where a very comfortable seat and blanket was waiting for me – a menu of eyelashes and prices were available for me to read.

Poteau Select offers 3 types of Japanese Eyelash Extensions.

Silky AUD$55 – The original, most hardest and most dramatic. There is absolutely no need for mascara as the toughness of the acrylic really extenuates the black pigment.

Sable AUD$70 – The one that introduced softness. These lashes are synthetic sable – soft to touch and by far the most popular.

Mink AUD$80 – Most natural looking lash you can get – lasts longer than others as they stick to your own lashes better.

Aki was incredibly patient with me – I asked her almost 20 questions before we even started haha! Earlier that day I had checked out the hashtag #eyelashextensions on Instagram and found some I liked so I show her a picture of what I liked and what I didn’t like. I mentioned that I wanted something ‘fluttery’ and opens up my eyes but looked completely natural. I wanted longer lashes on the ends to accentuate the eyes.

There were different types of curls – J curl, C curl & JC curl. They also come in different lengths ranging from 8mm-14mm.

Mine were J curls from 9-12mm. A bit longer on the ends and very fluttery – perfect natural look that I wanted and Aki captured perfectly!

The process took over an hour, I fell asleep actually as it was so gentle and non intrusive at all. My eyes were not irritated nor were they red when the process was complete. I’ve seen some before & after shots, and the after shots are with red, strained eyes. I’m glad that it was very smooth and pain free!


My lashes are pretty long already I would say.. :)

Face makeup, contact lenses are OK, but mascara is a big no-no.

Side view of my natural lashes.

Top view with eyes shut. It is terrifying that the iPhone 6 camera can capture all my blemishes and pores so sharply… Boooo.

Looks strange, but felt pretty cool actually.


YAY! Look how much longer and thicker they look from the top! You can see the different curls and lengths here too.

Why must my cheeks be so damn fat lol.

Right eyelashes

Left eyelashes

I am so hairy, but at least with the extensions I have hair in the right place haha!

Before VS After Shot

Selfie in Aki’s shop haha. What a wonderful way to wake up – beautiful, long and curled lashes!

Selfie when I got home hehe.

1 week after:

They are just so fluttery and pretttty!

Even when you shut your eyes they still look good!

Sometimes the lashes ‘cross over’ so I like to brush them evenly.

2 weeks:

Wearing glasses was no problemo! I thought they would touch my glasses and be a nuisance but it was perfect.

By the way – no eyeliner used and still look decent in glasses.

Doing water sports! We went paddle boarding in South Perth :)

3 weeks:

Me annoying Blake – but look at my lashes!! They still look awesome and full!

Still long and luscious.

4 weeks:

When I got bird pooped on and didn’t realise until Sandra pointed it out at work hahah. Lashes are starting to be less full.

A few long strands can be seen from far.

My extensions lasted quite well and long actually! They usually last about 3 weeks with proper care, but mine seemed to have lasted about 4-5 weeks. It got pretty sparse when it hit week 5 I reckon, but at least the sparsity spread evenly :)


Removing Makeup: I wanted to test and see how long I could keep the lashes on so I was very careful in how I looked after them. I was using Biore Facial Makeup Oil remover, which I’ve heard that we shouldn’t use oil based removers on the eyelash extensions. It wasn’t too bad since I didn’t even have to use eyeliner at all with my lashes on. They looked great by themselves. So I carefully removed my face makeup with the oil based remover that didn’t affect my lashes at all :)

However, during week 3 I ran out of the oil remover, so I tried a new product called Micellar cleansing water by Garnier. It’s a water based remover so it’s recommended by eyelash extensions. But this requires cotton pads to rub against skin to remove, and I found that using cotton pads to remove any eye makeup allows your lashes to catch onto the cotton pads and subsequently get ‘rubbed’ off.

So I actually prefer my oil based remover in the end. I would not recommend using cotton pads to remove eye makeup for eyelash extensions because your heart will ache when you see them strands sprinkled on your cotton pad.

Sleeping: For the first few days I thought that when I wake up my eyelashes will be ‘pressed’ into my face, out of shape in a way. Thankfully this never happened! They were perfectly curved like the first day, and never lost their shape at all.

Rubbing my eyes: This is something that I was very conscious of and made sure I didn’t rub them at all. First few days definitely rubbed off a few strands haha, but by then I was much more aware of these luscious lashes so I would rub gently on the eyelid itself or around the eyelashes. I realised that I am a very clumsy girl and having to be very aware of myself was new to me haha.

Natural lashes: There’s a lot of stories around that getting eyelash extensions will reduce your very own natural lashes because they will fall out. This is true to an extent – as your natural lashes fall out by themselves anyway. If you rub your eyes, tug your eyes with cotton pads, then they’ll definitely fall out along with the extension. However I found that even after almost all of the lashes fell off, my natural lashes were still healthy, strong and plenty of them! I never picked at the extension, but I think if you did, you would definitely rip out your natural lash too. So if you start picking off your lashes.. Well it’s no brainer that you are reducing your own natural lashes!

Applying makeup: No issues here at all! Same makeup routine, even with eyeliner you just gotta manoeuvre around the lashes but nothing too difficult. I found that I would ‘comb’ my lashes so they will sit perky and in the right spot, as sometimes they might overlap and ‘cross over’ each other. I really liked combing my lashes with a eyebrow brush, it felt really nice haha. Try not to comb straight from the bottom, because the bristles may get caught in the tiny section where the lash is glued stuck to the natural lash. Kind of like swiping mascara on your eyelashes, but from mid way to the tip, instead of from the base of the lash to the tip.

Refill & Remove: I didn’t get a chance to refill them, and my lashes fell off so naturally that I didn’t have to go get them removed either. It was almost 6 weeks by the time all of them were gone, and I didn’t notice much of the ‘gaps’ from where eyelashes may have fallen off as they were quite even all the way through. The last lash that stayed on was the end lashes, which I thought was pretty funny coz it made me look like only my end lashes are long :) Having said that – I definitely do think it’s important to get them removed or refilled by a professional so you will reduce your chance of trying to pick them off yourself.

Verdict: Yes I am in love with eyelash extensions! They were easy to care for, reduced my time in the mornings to get ready and made me look so much better as compared to normal lashes. It is definitely a luxury, and something I cannot afford to keep doing monthly, so it is more of a treat yourself kind of thing :) I like them WAYYY better than falsies, because those never stay on my eyes the way I want it to due to my eyelid crease. #asianeyes

A big thank you to Aki for her patience and skill in giving me the prettiest eyelashes a girl could ever dream of :) Please know that this is not an advertisement, rather, I am just sharing an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Any questions – please shoot them in the comment section below or you can contact Aki at Poteau Select directly!

Poteau Select
1/98 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle
0410 567 210



Don’t hate me

Oh dear.

I would hate me too, if I were you. I haven’t been blogging since OCTOBER! October last year. How fast does time fly though?! I mean it’s March tomorrow… It makes me nervous when time flies so quickly. I’ve been working for half a year already and been back home for almost 8 months wahhh!

I definitely wish I was back in the States at least twice a day.

I have been thinking about how I could revive my poor blog, and you know how some times life flings shit at you? This year has already had the shit party, and I’m the birthday girl :(

BUT the good thing about that is I have been staying positive, and with this positivity I’ve come up with a great new idea for the year! This idea is… *drumroll* ….

The year of trying new things!!

I’m proud to say I’ve tried a lot of new things this year, and I will be starting to blog about some of them soon! One of them is something SUPER awesome and I’m very excited to share about haha.

So there will be a new segment titled ‘New experiences’ where you will be able to read some of the stuff I would be trying for the first time. I’m happy for anyone to suggest anything new that is safe (and legal) that they’d like me to try!! It can range from trying a new exotic cuisine, to skydiving at Jurien Bay, to learning how to salsa! So if you have a good idea, let me know in the comments or you can tweet me @omgwenzilla :)

Looking forward to hearing any new ideas hehe!

But firstly, a catch up post on the past few months.

Vivien’s 21st Birthday Celebration & Goodbye

My beautiful friend Vivien was leaving all of us to start her career at Aesop in Melbourne! I was pretty devastated to be so far from her, as she is the girl that I would confide and talk to about everything in life. She had her 21st and goodbye celebration combined at The Laneway Lounge on Murray St and it was such a great venue!

Luckily she’s only a few hours away, and not all the way in Montana haha :)

Fathers Day to the greatest Daddy on earth

My dad is not a man of many words or emotions, but he sure is the most hard working, loving and patient man. I’m so proud to be his daughter :) I organised these cute Father’s Day cupcakes from my uni friend Rachel. If you’re in Perth & you want to order some cupcakes, try – I Love Fu.D :)

Chloe and Ducks

Took this cutie pie to feed some ducks and she was HILARIOUS. I love the innocence of a child, and I love how she sees the world. Although it got a bit weird when she started getting a little too excited and aggressively yelled at the ducks in this man voice to eat the bread.


I’ve finally graduated! It seems like not too long ago when I first started university to be completely honest.. And yet here we are :) I think my parents were very, very happy and were over the moon that their first born is graduating university haha. It was so nice that the girls could come and see me and take pictures before I headed inside and it was even nicer that I managed to get all 6 tickets for my whole family! I think this was because I graduated in the winter and not as many people do as in the summer so there were tickets available!

It was a really awesome night, and I was really happy my friend Logan was graduating with me as well :’) When the councillor called my name out, I heard this wolf whistle as I walked across the stage OH MAN I was so embarrassed hahaha had this shit eating grin on my face when I shook the councillor’s hand and walked down the steps. Luckily I didn’t get too distracted and trip over!

Ah, as quick as it came, this part of my life is now over. As I grow older I find that there’s just not enough time haha. I hope I will lead a fulfilling and long life :)


Nikayla’s 21st

I swear the last time we all got dressed up to go out, we were 18 years old. Now we’re celebrating 21sts and getting way too tired early in the night hahaha! It was a good night at Tiger Lil’s, but as usual, sleepy Gwen just wants to get some SLEEP!!! Every night out ends up with me falling asleep on someone’s shoulder, or asking to sleep in someone’s lap or on the couch lol. How embarrassing!

Happy 21st birthday Nikayla! I know the tequila did not do us any good the next day.. heh.

Justin Timberlake

Alex & I got tickets to see JT when I was all in the way in MURICA! So this was a long wait for me haha! SO WORTH IT! Justin is an amazing entertainer, singer, dancer and smooth talker. We were extremely close to the front and it was thrilling to be able to see Justin Timberlake right in front of us!!

Unfortunately I was NOT feeling very well that night, and I kept having to squat/sit on the floor to breathe as I felt like throwing up! I didn’t want to let that ruin my night though, so I persevered and thank my lucky stars I didn’t yack on everyone haha.

Would definitely 100% see Justin Timberlake again – he was just too good :)


It was Chloe’s first Halloween and I wanted to take her trick or treating, but she didn’t have an outfit prepared so we rushed to Big W to get her some shitty hilarious shirt and whatever else we could find. This was the result hahahaha!

She loved Halloween so much she asked if she could do it for her birthday hahaha. She was definitely disappointed when I said she couldn’t aww.

Brother’s Graduation

As I graduated university, my brother graduated from high school and this was all round a spectacular year for us! My parents were BEAMING if you haven’t noticed in the pictures haha. So proud of my lil bro :) As I type this now, he has already started his first week of uni! He is studying a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, but will have to defer to go to NS mid this year I believe. Going to miss him so much!

Work Client Night

My first ever work organised event was a BLAST! It was pretty full on planning and organising something so awesome (we hired a boat and had a boat party) and the night was a huge success so even better :)

My boss Chloe & I!

Since I’ve started working I’ve learnt SOOO much on the job than what I have in theory at school/uni. I feel now that I know what it’s like to experience working full time, that every student should definitely try get an internship before they graduate. The amount you learn on the job is incredible and the skills you pick up will help you immensely in getting a job for sure, especially now that so many places want you to have a degree AND experience.

So go out there, send off your resumes and try pick up as many internship opportunities as possible. None in Perth? Then go overseas. My friend Alex went to London to do an internship there too – don’t feel like you are limited to your location! Good luck!

Work Christmas Party

Oh man! My first work Christmas party was SO fun!! I got to organise it which made it even more awesome… I love working full time haha.

First we went to The Classroom in North Perth for a cocktail masterclass! We all learnt and made 3 different cocktails after watching our ‘teacher’ show us how to make it. We got scored on a leaderboard and unfortunately Chloe & I did not win hahaha.

It was a super fun time and I’m sure everyone would agree haha. We then went to try our hands at Escape Hunt in Fremantle, which was also very hilarious when slightly inebriated.. But our team managed to get out of our room before the time ended but the other team didn’t! Lots of laughing.. A truly hilarious day with the team :)

Then we ended our night with dinner at The Monk in Freo, bar hopping and cards at the end of the night :)

Making mojitos haha

Making Charlie Chaplin’s

My espresso martini!


Christmas this year was very special as we decided to celebrate it for the first time in a long time! Honestly, I went a little overboard with presents because I was overwhelmed with the idea of Christmas that I just splurged and spoiled EVERYONE. I was so happy to be celebrating Christmas that I had no control in buying gifts. I guess it will compensate for the years of not celebrating Christmas haha.

Erm yeah we went a little overboard with presents..



We even hosted a Christmas dinner and invited Blake’s siblings to come over and feast – it was so cute having almost all of them over at our house :’)

Tori & I :) (Blake’s youngest sister)

SkG Catch Up High Tea

My beautiful PpnRee aka Vivien Lee is back from Melbourne for a short stay in Perth so we got to catch up with her over delicious High Tea at the Naked Fig!

Daneaka’s 21st

Shaniqua’s birthday is always the last of the year as it falls on 31st December! We had a wonderful day at The Aviary hanging out and celebrating her 21st! :)


Hahaha such a sexy photo to end this LONG post! I literally just put half of 2014 in one post.. Heh. I wish I had more time to blog! It’s taken me literally 2 days to compile this, and I’m already exhausted.

Hope everyone’s been well and 2015 has been treating you like royalty so far! I’m looking forward to the rest of the year :) It’s going so quick already!


Spring Break: Scuba diving in Cancun

This post is way long overdue, but I have some really sick images that I just love so I want to share them!
Cancun was so much fun. I am a big fan of scuba diving, I went for a volunteer trip to Cambodia that involved conserving the marine life so I did a lot of diving there too. Diving in Cancun though – wow. The water is like turquoise. I’m saying, imagine the bluest of bluey green you can think of and then make it even bluey-greener. The water was perfect.

There are some images that I got off my GoPro that captured only a fraction of the colour that I’m trying to explain with words, but to be honest, it’s a colour that cannot really accurately described..

I was very lucky that I had a dive buddy – Dave! Dave’s had a bit of diving experience in the UK (can you imagine how cold that would be..) and in Indonesia. So Mexico is the first for both of us :)

I did some research on Tripadvisor and found a dive company called Scuba Cancun. Website checked out to be pretty legit, so I gave them a call to organise the dives for Dave and I. We wanted to do a normal dive and the underwater museum dive all in one day.

From our hotel, we took the bus towards town and kinda just had to guess when we were supposed to get off. I had the Google Maps of the address and everything but didn’t have Internet outside my hotel, so a screenshot was my only guesstimate.

Luckily, I knew it was a white building with SCUBA CANCUN sticking out the top, and we got there after maybe a 30 min bus ride?

Scuba Cancun

I would say that for my first impression, SC didn’t really do much for me. The building looked old, even dodgy, but I realised soon after it was because they’ve been in the business for awhile. The people who helped us were lovely though, really great, fun and happy people that made the trip awesome!

We got our dive suits, tanks and hopped on the boat and off we goooO!

The colour of the water in Mexico was insane. So damn beautiful.. As we were on the boat getting further out to sea and leaving the coast of Cancun, you could see all the beach parties along the hotel strip haha. It was so fun!

Nothing like being underwater – it’s a whole new world under there. I’ve always loved the feeling I get when I dive.. It’s so quiet and peaceful and your movements are slower and breathing is slower as well! I get really relaxed when I dive, it gives me such a great feeling whilst diving.

Seeing all the cool sea animals is also awesome! We got to see lion fish, sting ray, huge schools of fishes and plenty of big fishes too! I think I’ll dive with the girls again this summer, it would be super awesome to do that one weekend :)

The water in Mexico was VERY warm, I was surprised how warm it was when I was underwater. In Cambodia it was also very warm, so was Thailand, but Perth waters are cold heh. I want to scuba dive somewhere in Europe, and a little bit more in Asia. I wonder what is the best place on earth to scuba dive?!

In Thailand it was so colourful with sooo many different types of fishes, but I’m really just wanting to see a turtle! Alex went swimming in Greece and swam with a turtle wtf. I want to swim with a turtle! Definitely on my bucket list now.

We dove to a military shipwreck which was SO cool but I didn’t know we were going to swim through the actual ship itself!! I felt super claustrophobic while swimming through and even got stuck on the doorway because of my regulator! Major panic attack underwater.

I think it’s important when you’re freaking out underwater to continue breathing slowly instead of rapid breathing, which not only uses up a lot of oxygen but you also get too panicked and dizzy!

I managed to compose myself and swim through the doorway, and when I looked back at the video I took I didn’t even look like I was stressing! How strange. I was definitely freaking out swimming through the shipwreck though haha.

We swam out to the deck and a HUGE school of fish was hiding in the room before the deck and scared the tits out of me. I even squealed a little that’s recorded on the video hahaha.

There was a bigger school of fish that was waiting on the deck outside and I was so taken aback when the came into my view haha. The fishes must be thinking, ‘Uh. Why are all these people here in my home?’

We also got to dive at MUSA – Cancun’s Underwater Museum!

WOW! This was the coolest place I’ve ever dived in. So creepy but surreal to be diving with all these underwater statues that mimic people. There’s a total of 500 sculptures but we did not see all of them. This is something you definitely have to do if you ever visit Cancun and you have your dive certificate!!!

Can you imagine if you were diving at night… And you shine your flashlight around and see all these dark sculpture whilst you were diving *dies I would probably cry haha!

It was a long long day of diving and Dave and I were shattered! We headed back to our hotel after the long day and it started raining! Basically crawled into my hotel bed and fell asleep whilst everyone else went out to party hahaha.

Such a great experience, I recommend anyone who has a dive certificate to definitely dive in Mexico!

That’s the end of my Spring Break: Cancun series!

You can read the last two here:
Spring Break in Cancun
Spring Break: Chichen Itza & Cenote Ik kil

Super glad I managed to publish it :) I’ve got a Bozeman/student exchange one and 2 New Orleans posts, plus LA, SF, Vegas & NY too!

Look out for them soon, but in the mean time I hope everyone’s well :) x